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To prepare for our stump grinding and removal services, the access to the stump must be cleared of any patio furniture, equipment, debris, or anything that may be damaged by our equipment. KM Stump Grinding is happy to clear the way for you, making the process as easy as possible. If there is fragile or precious items blocking the access, any help moving these items is greatly appreciated and will speed the process.


KM Stump Grinding utilizes three top of the line stump grinding machines to handle any size of job. Our machines have rubber tires with removable outer dual tires allowing us to be gentle on manicured lawns and slip inside a 36″ yard gate. When grinding stumps, it is important to completely remove the stump and any roots that may remain to avoid a second removal. We specialize in getting it done right the first time!


The stump grinding process can certainly be a messy one. After a stump is ground, the remaining debris often covers a large area around the stump. KM Stump Grinding will gather the mulch left over from the grinding process, backfill the leftover hole, and clean your yard to the best of our abilities. Our main priority is customer satisfaction. We achieve this by making the process as simple and painless as possible for you.

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