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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

How are stumps measured?

For accurate estimates from KM Stump Grinding, we require each stump to be measured a specific way. The width of the stump is determined by the diameter of the stump at the widest section of the base, including all roots that show above ground. The height of the stump is measured from the ground level to the highest point on the top of the stump. The stump can be measured using a simple measuring tape or ruler. See the diagram below for a more accurate description.

How do your machines work?

Our machines are Rayco and Carlton stump grinders. Each machine operates differently, but the result is the same. Watch the video below to see our equipment in action!

Does stump grinding leave a hole?

After the stump is completely ground out, the remaining hole will be back-filled with the mulch created from the tree. We will only leave the hole if you request it!

Do the machines damage my lawn?

Each of our machines operate on dual rubber wheels with removable outer wheels. This allows the machines to move across your lawn without damaging anything. If the lawn is especially wet from a recent watering, the machines may cause a slight sinkage in the path the stump. To avoid this, make sure you don’t water your lawn until after the stump is removed on the day of the service.

Does the grinding leave debris?

The stump grinding will leave a decent amount of usable mulch after the service. All of the mulch can be used in various ways, such as spreading it in a garden, placing it around other trees to control weeds, or using the mulch to fill the hole left from the grinding.

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